Expanding our community of guest bloggers

Do you talk about race (and additional identity-markers) and justice with the young people in your lives? Raising Race Conscious Children is expanding our community of guest bloggers!

Raising Race Conscious Children’s goal is to provide models for how to talk about race and other social identifiers with young children. Please consider adding your voice to a community of parents, caretakers, and educators who are trying to dismantle the color-blind framework through the daily and frequent use of race conscious language. Just beginning to use race conscious language? We want to hear from you, too!

A few possible guest blog prompts may include (but are not limited to):

  • When and how did you begin to use race conscious language with your children? What did it sound like? How did it impact your conversations?
  • What have you told your (elementary or middle school-aged) children about the police with regard to racial justice?
  • Tell a story about a book or toy that had a racist or sexist image represented. How did you talk about this with your child?

SHARE YOUR STORY by July 15th and your name will be entered into a lottery to “win” a private one-hour consultation or an individual registration to our upcoming August workshop/webinar (Date TBD).

Click here to submit your story!